quinta-feira, 28 de abril de 2011

There are a lot of things that can change our life, some of that are small... others are big things. Some simple experiences can make us new people who allow new views and know what is the most important thing to our life. To live away from everything that I know gave me a new perception of the world and I learned a lot of good things with this experience.
In the first moment, I felt alone and missing my family so much. A lot of times I thought about getting back home because it's so hard to adapt when you're away from everything that you know, but I learned to stand and to like every single new thing that I've been living. Almost everything is different but they are not worst than I was used to know.
After my adaptation, I realized that my friends will be by my side wherever I am. They always call me on the phone, always write me and the most important thing: They always send me positives thoughts to keep going.
It's obvious that to move away is hard and you need to try day-by-day a new way to make things right, but although the hard way I learned to be more independent and stronger for everything, I figured out how many friends I have and how my family is important to me.

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